OvalMedia (DE)

Amy has been working with us now for over 2 years, first in freelance capacity, editing a feature length cinema documentary  and thereafter as our in house editor and post production manager.
I am totally in awe of Amy's editing skills and her ability to find the right editorial and visual language for any given film material. Also her ear for music and sound in general is very inspirational. She is an outstanding storyteller and due to her immense experience she can be very efficient and quick.
Amy is able to work totally independently and surprise you with beautifully crafted scenes, but she is also able to adapt and adjust if necessary.
As our postproduction manager she shows impeccable organisational skills and the ability to find technical solutions for any given situation.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Amy for any editing project and promise you that she will make the film look and sound so much more special!

-Lilian Franck, Company Director



Ludorum (UK)

Between September 2012 and November 2014, I had the pleasure of working with Amy on the internationally renowned pre-school series Chuggington™ produced in Bristol by Jacqueline White for Ludorum Enterprises Ltd and commissioned by the BBC in the UK. The Series Director was Sarah Ball, based in the US. I was the Animation Director based in Bristol, along with the Editing and Art Departments. The visuals were created by Motion Magic in Shanghai, China.


With a team of 25 animators and the same number of VFX crew, the Editors were split into 3 teams and Amy was in complete charge of her teams, organising up 20 individual artists at any one time. 

Amy cut the story reel for each of her episodes and then we worked together to check timings of the performance and collaborated in all areas of the process. Using Amy’s reels, I would brief the animators, giving feedback and animation approvals, Amy would go on to brief lighting, camera and VFX departments, giving feedback on numerous rounds and approvals. During that time we produced 35, 10 minute episodes, as well as a number of specials, trailers and interstitials. 


Amy’s adaptability on this project shows that her skills lie in so many areas of the production process. Her ability to communicate clearly and sensitively to so many artists, demonstrates her to be a great team leader. As well as leading her own teams, she supported me in managing mine and she was always willing to cast her eye over any queries I might have. Amy is a conscientious and diligent member of the crew, she is versatile, works hard and is committed to her job. She is also a lot of fun and brings her playfulness into her work, which in turn makes her great to work with.


-Suzy Parr, Animation Director