Amy Meyer


Skills and training

  • 20 years experience as professional TV/Film editor
  • Diploma in Film and Television - The European Film College 1993-1994
  • MA in Film and Television - Bristol University 1997-1998
  • Trained Editing Support Technician at Films@59  1998-2000
  • Experienced in the use of AVID, PREMIERE, DA VINCI RESOLVE, FINAL CUT PRO
  • Bilingual in German/English



Fuck Fame
German Film Rating Comission (FBW): rated highly valuable

»Lively, dynamic and at the same time very sensitive«

Nominated for the German Documentary Award

The Da Vinci Code

»Just watched the Da Vinci film - very, very good. Incredibly thorough, intelligent and good to look at. How do you do that on the money you're given?'»

Tom Archer - Then Studio Head BBC Bristol
»This intelligent BBC documentary should be required viewing for every person who has read Dan Brown's book, whether they liked it or not.»
The Observer




Head of Postproduction for the renowned and award winning OVALmedia group. - Prologue - ONLINE RELEASE generating 1.000.000 views (September 2020-March 2021) 

The documentary investigates the impact the virus has on our lives and the world in general. It questions the measures and looks into why it is controversial to have an open debate about this.

Directors: Bert Ehgartner. Produced by OVALmedia Berlin

LET's DOK - (March 2020)    

Editing the main Trailer for this national event promoting documentary films.

Directors: Eva Rink. Produced by AG DOK


Acupuncture - myth or therapy? - ARTE, WDR (Juni 2019- August 2019)    

According to estimates, over a third of the world's population has already been treated with acupuncture. Current studies make it possible to decode the mechanisms more and more and to prove how exactly it works. The results are sometimes surprising!

Directors: Amy Meyer, Robert Cibis, Lilian Franck. Produced by OVALmedia Berlin

Fuck Fame - Documentary feature for ZDF and general theatrical release  (April 2017 - April 2018)   The docudrama follows electropop singer and DJ Uffie through her epic rise in the music scene, via a drug-fueled club scene to a dramatic change of direction. The film begins where shows like 'The Voice' finish. What happens to a music artist once she makes it?

"I thought the film was wonderful, a journey through darkness to one's self, with a still fragile happy end.

I think the film is educational and important, it is very now, very present time." (Roland Zag about Fuck Fame)

Producers: Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis, OVALmedia Berlin

Festivals: 2019 Fipadoc Biarritz, Weltpremiere, 2019 Achtung Berlin, 2019 SWR Documentary Festival


On Camera: Photographers at the BBC - BBC4  (January - February 2017)      

Drawing on the BBC's rich archive, this programme reveals the working practices, lives and opinions of some of the greatest photographers of the last 60 years.

Director: Chloe Penman, Executive Producer: John Diaz

Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer - BBC2 (December 2016)      

Kate Humble and Patrick Aryee experience wildlife dramas as they unfold at Yellowstone, one of the most remarkable places on the planet.

The Guardian: "It all looks utterly gorgeous. Kate Humble presents, in suitably awed and breathless style." (Pick of the day)

Director: Susanna Handslip, Executive Producer: Tim Martin

Britain in Focus: A Photographic History - BBC4  (August - October 2016)      

Leading photographer and picture editor Eamonn McCabe explores the fascinating and remarkable story of British photography. (Transmission in March 2017)

Director: Chloe Penman, Executive Producer: John Diaz

Wild New Zealand - BBC2  (January 2016)      

Blue-chip Natural History Series.

'We have just worked with editor Amy who was very thorough and talented and under fire,' (Mark Flowers)

Director and Series Producer: Mark Flowers

Dames of Classic Drama at the BBC - BBC4  (September 2015)      

The early work and some career defining moments of Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg and Helen Mirren. David Tennant narrates.

'This is more than nostalgia, more even than a look at changing acting styles...this is a delight.' (Pick of the weekend - 'The Financial Times')

Director: Rachel Jardine, Executive Producer: Mike Poole


Timeshift: How Britain Won the Space Race - BBC4 (August 2015)  

The story of how Bernard Lovell turned a field in Cheshire into a key site in the Space Race. Narrated by Maxine Peak.

Pick of the day - The Guardian (see my Blog!)

Director: Chloe Penman, Executive Producer: Mike Poole


Chuggington - Cbeebies and abroad (2007 to 2010 and 2012 to 2015)
Hugely successful children's CGI animation series. My role as an editor expands to suggesting and deciding on the best possible camera angles and compiling lighting and special effects briefs for the animation studio. Chuggington is shown in 150 different countries and is one of the most watched children's programme ever on Cbeebies.

Director: Sarah Ball ('Bob The Builder'), Producer: Jacqueline White (Aardman)


Land of the Lost Wolves - primetime BBC1 (September - January 2012)
Cameraman Gordon Buchanan goes on the trail of the elusive wild wolf, which is returning to North America. With few other animals inspiring such hatred and passion we interweave the snowy expedition with observational style footage of local people.

Director: Susanna Handslip, Series Producer: Jonny Keeling, Executive Producer: Tim Martin


River Monsters - Animal Planet/HTV (February/March 2012)
Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is on a mission to get face to face with some of the world's most terrifying river monsters. The episode I've been working on is filmed in mongolia and looks stunning. I created all the elaborate effects in the offline.
Director: Alex Parkinson, Executive Producer: Harry Marshall (ICON Films)


River Monsters Compilations - Animal Planet/HTV (April-June 2012)
Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade relives his close encounters with some of the world's most bizarre freshwater fish, including piranhas, bull sharks and a goliath tigerfish.
Director: Dominique Weston, Executive Producer: Harry Marshall (ICON Films)


Wanted Down Under - BBC2 (several episodes: 2008 - 2010)
Successful series where British families are given a look at life in Australia ahead of possible migration.
Executive Producer: Susie Staples


Timeshift: Gagging For It - TV's Hunger For Radio Comedy - BBC4 (2007)
From Hancock's Half Hour to Little Britain - comedy hits that transferred successfully from radio to TV. With Mitchell and Webb.
Executive Producer: Mike Poole


Timeshift: Prime Ministers - BBC4 (2007)
A two hour 'Guide for Gordon Brown' presented by Andrew Marr. Includes 20 five minute films about different prime ministers and a studio debate led by Andrew Marr.
Executive Producer: Mike Poole


Oz & James Big Wine Adventure - BBC2 (several episodes: 2007)
Wine expert Oz Clarke educates Top Gear's commited beer drinker James May about wine while undertaking a road trip through France.
Executive Producer: Nick Shearman


Anthea Turner Perfect Housewife - BBC3 (several episodes: 2006)
Anthea Turner is setting out to try and re-educate the nations self confessed incompetent homemakers in a series of observational documentaries. Editing the first programme of the series, that was then used as a template for all the following edits.
Executive Producer: Nick Shearman


Timeshift: The Da Vinci Code - BBC4 and BBC2 (2006)
Documentary about the claims and conspiracy theories in Dan Brown's best-selling novel 'The Da Vinci Code'. Also creating the title graphics and style throughout.
Executive Producer: Mike Poole


Pay Off Your Mortgage In Two Years - BBC2 (several episodes: 2006)
Observational Documentary that follows eight households over a two-year period as they attempt to pay off their mortgage.
Executive Producer: Tessa Finch


The Carol Caplin Treatment - Channel 4 (editing the entire series: 2005)
Editing a new pilot series for DIVERSE of five observational documentaries that enter Carol Caplins world.
Also creating the titles and style throughout (Graphic Credit).
Executive Producer: Jane Lomas


Geronimo - BBC3 (several episodes: 2004)
Teams design, build and race machines that can dig, jump and score goals! The presenters are Fearne Cotton (Top Of The Pops) and Dick Strawbridge (Scrapheap Challenge).
Lots of fun, effects and crazy music!
Series Producer: Steve Rankin


Building The Dream - ITV1 (several episodes: 2004)
Popular daily Reality TV Show.
Twelve couples are building their Dream House and each week one couple is voted off the show. A fusion of strong storytelling observational style and gripping reality tv.
Executive Producer: Nick Shearman, Series Producer: Susie Staples


Flog it - BBC1  (numerous episodes: 2002 - 2008)
60 min antiques programme consisting of detailed observations of the antiques, fast paced music sequences and playful inserts. A schedule of two weeks for a one hour programme.
Series Producer: John Miller/Peter Smith


Bargain Hunt - BBC1 (numerous episodes: 2004 - 2008)
Long running popular antiques programme.
Series Producer: Linda Cleeve


Flushed away - Aardman Features (2004)
Editing the first draft of a new full length Aardman Feature Film to be presented to their co-producers Dreamworks.
Producer: Steve Pegram


All about Animals - CBeebies (several episodes: 2003)
BBC Natural History Unit: Wildvision
Editing the Pilot of a 26 part series that got commissioned soon after. Consequently editing several parts of the series.
Working on the latest Avid system: Adrenalin. Usage of sophisticated effects.
Series Producer: Lucy Bowden


A Wizards Guide to Wildlife - CBeebies (editing the entire series: 2003)
BBC Natural History Unit: Wildvision
Tackling the immense challenge of creating a pacy drama narrative out of natural history archive footage. Usage of sophisticated effects where necessary.
Series Producer: Lizzie Green


Scenes of Crime - Channel 5 (several episodes: 2003)
A series of 10min programmes about Britains most infamous murder cases. Combining interviews with dramatic reconstruction footage. Pick of the day in various television guides. Edited on Final Cut Pro.
Director/Producer: Steve Rankin


Firefighters - Discovery Channel (several episodes: 2002)
A 23 min observational documentary about firefighters. Fast pace and quirky, jump cutting as an intentional style throughout. Edited on Final Cut Pro.
Series Producer: Steve Rankin


Big Thinkers - Tech TV (2001)
A 30min documentary about Ian Wilmut, the creator of 'Dolly the sheep'. Working with a wide range of effects and a fast paced rhythm suited to an American audience.
Director: Lisa Lipman


Sabre Tooth - BBC Worldwide (2001)
Reversioning the 50min documentary for BBC Worldwide.


Viewing for Leisure (2000 - 2001)
Editing three 5min holiday/leisure programmes a day. Exploring holiday/leisure destinations all over the world.
Producer: Paul Matthew


News Editor - Deutsche Welle TV (1994 - 1997)
Editing news features for Germany's foreign broadcast service, coping with intense time pressure.



Produced/directed and edited shortfilm projects:


Clemi Fluechtet (Clemi Escapes) 
Directing, producing and editing a short film. Shot on 16mm and edited on Steenbeck
Award winner at the Philadelphia Film Festival and sreened at international Film Festivals in Germany, Switzerland, France, US.


Getting it on 
Directing and editing a short film. Shot on 16mm and edited on Final Cut Pro.
Screened at various short film festivals.


Rooftops and Swimmingpools
Directing and editing a short film. Shot on 16mm and edited on Final Cut Pro.
Screened at various short film festivals.